Scyon® Secura Interior Flooring

Scyon® Secura Interior Flooring is a lightweight structural flooring substrate that can be used for tile, vinyl or carpet finishes over timber floor joists in wet and dry areas.


The tongue and groove joint means it is compatible with other 19mm flooring products and eliminates the need for timber trimmers along the tongue and groove joint.


Scyon® Secura Interior Flooring is made from an advanced lightweight cement composite with heavy-duty performance. Not only is it resistant to fire and damage from rot*, but it can also be gun nailed and is easy to cut.
No underlay is required. Tile directly over Scyon® Secura Interior Flooring.
The moisture-resistant sealer on all sides removes the need for full floor waterproofing outside enclosed shower areas.
Tongue and groove jointing system mnimises movement that causes tile cracking.
25% lighter per square metre than conventional 18mm HardiePanel Compressed Sheet.
Can be gun nailed for quick and easy installation.
Product warranty of 15 years.


2700 x 600 x 19mm
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